Online pre-parking info for event organizers

Enterlot offers a very simple and affordable online pre-parking info. It helps to avoid the driving back and forth between event car parks.

Benefits for the event organizer

Event organizer saves money in multiple ways:

  • No parking devices, sensors or cameras are needed in the area.
  • Parking personnel know immediately how to use the solution. No onboarding process is needed
  • Integration of parking areas. The event can have as many car parks as needed.
  • Requirements are minimal. Only one parking attendant per car park with online connection is needed.
  • Easy to license and put in practice via online.
  • Can be customized by the event organizer’s brand image.

Benefits for the car driving event visitor

Car driving visitor does not need to stress about event parking:

  • Check the availability at once. The real-time availabilities in the parking lots of the event are visible for everyone just by browsing
  • Approach the event park safely and smoothly without safety risks caused by interruptions as touching the mobile phone screen.

Environmental benefits for the cities, municipalities and countries – greener events

  • Less carbon footprint at the event locations as the parking is optimized by the Enterlot online pre-parking info system.
  • Better air-quality at the event areas and less health downsides caused by fossil fuel vehicles.
  • Solution that supports sustainable development goals of the cities, municipalities and countries.


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