Simple start. Display it online

Instead of showing it too late, show it in advance!

Do you have an availability display at the entrance of your garage? With Enterlot you can show the space availability to your garage users in advance in the web-solution!

Availability display at the garage entrance mainly protects the car park itself from a hassle. At the entrance the message comes all too late for the parker. When a person aiming to your building can get the info before the trip, s/he can better decide when and how to arrive.

Does your garage already count the real-time space availability? Especially, is there a display at the entrance? If yes, Enterlot offers you the following info services

Set 1: the total real-time availability of the car park in a web-solution (readable in every device with internet connection)

Set 2: Set 1 + availability info for different user groups (like employees, guests, customers, maintenance etc.)

Set 3: Showing also the past and prediction of space availability