Shared open field parking


Thinking of campuses, offering payable or free shared parking without gates, sensors and especially without pay stations. Enterlot info service provides real-time and predicted availability of parking spaces, based mostly on crowd-source data. That means that parkers tap Start and Stop buttons when start and stop their parking. In case of tens of parking lots on the campus area getting rid of gates, installed sensors and pay stations means a huge savings in investment and maintenance costs. Hosts, let us say project or event managers can invite their guests directly to the web-solution that indicate the correct parking lot for the guest and enables to start the parking. In case of several parking lots on the campus, this also works as a guidance for guests.

A reference case of Enterlot is  Otapark info service ( in Otaniemi campus of Aalto University (Espoo, Finland). See also the general brochure and shared-campus-parking-brochure