Slush 2015

Enterlot proudly provided the real-time parking info for SLUSH2015 (Helsinki, Finland) visitors to check the availability of parking spaces in advance. Hundreds of satisfied drivers ensured the availability in advance. There are somewhat 6500 spaces in Messukeskus car park, divided into many separate parking lots on the ground and on the six floors in two separate buildings that together are the awarded green Multi-storey car park of Messukeskus.

Everything went well! Only the pay machines of parking collected long queues of people who did not pay their parking when arrived but when they were leaving the site. The trick was that the payment (12 €) was for 24 hours meaning also that 24 hours after the payment the driver is allowed to exit the car park. Perhaps in the near future parking payment can be done via our solution and thus avoid the queues (?)